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Monitoring bridges, high rise buildings, and other structures is essential, and it calls for a Structure Health Management System. This system allows us to keep an eye on degradation, which can stem from various factors. With early detection, we can take quicker action to enhance the resilience of these structures.

Our Project

High Precision Location Tracking

GNSS technology offers accurate location data, crucial for pinpointing the exact areas of a structure experiencing vibrations.

Movement Analysis

Continuously tracking the positional changes of a structure, GNSS enables real-time analysis of vibrations, identifying potential structural issues or instabilities as they occur.

Three-Dimensional Deformation Monitoring

Measure displacements in all three dimensions (X,Y,Z), providing comprehensive view of how a structure is moving or deforming over time.

Data Integration

Integrated with other structural health monitoring technologies, such as accelerometers and strain gauges for more detailed analysis of the structure's condition.

Historical Data

The system can store and analyze historical vibration data, helping engineers understand long-term trends and the impact of different environmental factors on the structure.

Scalability & Flexibility

The system is scalable and can be adapted for different types of structures, from bridges and building to dams and historical monuments.

Structural Sentinel

Our GNSS-based vibration monitoring system delivers precise, real-time structural analysis, ensuring early detection of vulnerabilities. It offers comprehensive 3D deformation tracking, easy integration with existing systems, and automated alerts. Making it a vital tool for maintaining structural integrity and safety with minimal effort.

Connected Vigilance

Our system harnesses with LEO constellation to provide real-time, reliable data connectivity. This ensures continuous monitoring and instant updates on structural health, regardless of location, enhancing safety with a globally connected, always-on surveillance solution.

Precision Assurance

Ensure structural integrity with pinpoint accuracy using GNSS technology, detecting even the slightest vibrations or deformations in real time, leading to timely preventive measures.

Global Connectivity, Local Safety

Stay informed about structural health wherever you are with a low latency from LEO satellite constellation, providing uninterrupted, real-time data connectivity for comprehensive and immediate monitoring.

Effortless Vigilance

Simplify structural monitoring with automated reporting, alerts, and seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring that safety and maintenance are hassle-free and efficient.