IOVuo Oy

IOVuo startup takes center stage in Nanjing, China to present Vibration Monitoring of Bridges & High-rise building.

Wu An! Dajia hao
We are truly honored to be here at 2023 Nanjing International Science and Technology Cooperation and Exchange Conference, representing our dynamic and forward-thinking startup, IOVuo Oy.

This conference is a gathering of brilliant minds, a place where ideas converge and innovation thrives, and it’s the perfect setting to share the story of our entrepreneurial journey. And it’s our pleasure to stand on this stage and tell you how we’re reshaping the landscape of our product. Throughout this presentation, we’ll delve into the challenges we’re addressing, the solutions we’re providing, and the exciting future we envision.

Thank you for having us, and we can’t wait to inspire and connect with all of you during this remarkable event.